Sunday, March 01, 2009

Apart from the news at the end of it, this post is a Foto Special, showing several of the floats amassing at the start of last weekend’s Entroido [Mardi Gras] procession down in Pontevedra. Having since seen pictures of events in other towns around the region, I now realise these fine folk compete in several. Which probably explains why they’re spaced out over a week. Apart from the Nautilus creation I showed several days ago, I don’t know which of them won the Pontevedra prizes. I would’ve given them all an award for effort and ingenuity. They certainly cheered me up. And almost made me forget my parking fine.

A group of neighbours affected by road-widening plans and using characters from the work of the famous Galician cartoonist and writer, Castelao.

Part of a troupe from Tomiño, I think, sporting costumes more appropriate to Sevilla.

DittoYour guess is as good as mine.

Clearly deserves a prize. Probably not a commentary on the proliferation of Chinese bazaars in the town.

Something to do with Mama Mia, I believe.

I'm stumped again on this one.

And this one.

A comment on the Atheist/Believers bus saga. Enjoy yourself whether He exists or not.

More magnificent dancers. Waiting to dance.

A comment on Global Warming, I suspect.

This last foto has nowt to do with the procession but serves to demonstrate how odd one or two of my neighbours are . . .

Finally, some readers might have noticed that I have a regular [Spanish? Male?] contributor to the Comments who likes to tell us how awful things are in the UK. He writes anonymously but I think of him as Mr Chippy. Anyway, it occurred to me this morning that his contributions are so regular he’s effectively writing a parallel blog to mine. So, taking this to its logical extreme, I’ve decided to move all his comments to a new blog which, because he writes from Dartford, I’ve called Kentish Counter-Thoughts. But be careful how you say this. You can access this blog from the Links on the right but click here if you want to read yesterday’s achingly funny comment about Brits spitting and urinating in their litter-ridden streets. It follows an equally hilarious post the previous day about the national sport of vomiting.

My suspicion is that Mr Chippy is not a happy camper. So I do hope my bit of charity cheers him up a bit. But, most of all, I do hope he keeps writing. If not to me, then in his own genuine blog which we can all avidly follow.

If this initiative is well received, I might follow up with the comments of someone who calls himself Piney Moustache and who writes directly to my email address to tell me what an ignorant, arrogant, bigoted, racist I am. I rather get the impression he feels that, if you’re British, you’re born with these qualities. He says he’s not Spanish and writes from the USA. So I’m guessing he has Irish blood. Though, ironically, not as much as me.

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