Sunday, March 29, 2009

This is really yesterday's blog, delayed by IT problems at my younger daughter's place.

Random examples of things that have surprised, pleased, amused or irritated me during the last five days in the UK in the UK . . . .

- Going into a roundabout secure in the knowledge no one is going to cut across me as I exit

- Getting the courtesy of an acknowledgment when I advise another driver that his/her lights are on.

- Seeing the latest innovations on the shelves of the supermarkets.

- Being able to buy wines from a range of countries, most especially my favourite New Zealand white.

- Seeing a young woman in Leeds sporting an off-the-shoulder T-shirt in a biting wind and with the temperature around 5 degrees.

- Not having another driver halfway up my backside.

- Noting the wide array of individualistic attire on the young women in Leeds shopping precinct, quite unimaginable in Pontevedra

- Overhearing a 13 year old girl in M&S telling her father "That's awful. Horrible. There's no way you're buying that!"

- Feeling more than ever that you're being surveyed constantly in the UK and regularly instructed what to do or not to do by power-mad bureaucrats who've been the main beneficiary of a 74% increase in municipal taxes over the last 10 years.

- Enjoying an early morning stroll with my daughter in brilliant sunshine under a cloudless blue sky, with the frost still sparkling on the acres of grass in her local park.

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