Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This is the second post of the day. The earlier one was about last night’s match between Real Madrid and Liverpool. To which I’d just like to add that it was amusing to hear the comment in the bar that at least it was a consolation there are more Spanish than English players in the Liverpool team. Which may well be true.

Back in the rough-and-tumble of Spanish politics and justice, the crusading judge, Baltasar Garzón, has admitted he didn’t declare one of his salaries when he worked in the USA a few years back. But he didn’t do this in bad faith, he insists. El País says that, whether he’s guilty of anything or not, it doesn’t vitiate the strength of the corruption case he’s spearheaded against the PP party and their cronies. But, then, they would say this, wouldn’t they?

According to Brussels, the withdrawal of credit has been more severe here in Spain than anywhere else in the Eurozone. Additionally, the cost of credit here is now 43% higher than the EU average. This strikes me as typical of the attitude towards customers here but it’s only fair to point out that the President of the bankers’ association has denied it all.

The omens are not looking good for the new world order that Gordon Brown is hoping for after the April and May G20 summits. Which won’t surprise anyone but him, I suspect. Though it will disappoint many.

Talking of Europe . . . Just in case you’re missing the ineffable Ambrose, here he is with his customary tactful reticence. “Thanks to the Bank [of England]”, he says, in the UK it's "a crisis”. Whereas, in the eurozone, it's "a total catastrophe”. Even more so for Spain, he claims, as we face "crucifixion.”. Oh, dear.

Less portentously, Google Blog Alerts for Galicia is still giving mine a miss. So it was all the more galling to find that one of their citations this week comprised nothing but text taken from the web page I wrote on Galicia several years ago. Insult to injury.

Which reminds me . . . If regular readers were just to click on one of the Google ads on the right from time to time – or even daily – then I’d probably earn enough over a year to pay one of the recent speeding and parking fines I’ve been hit with by the ever-more zealous revenue collectors disguised as Civil Guards. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Google have machines clever enough to pick this up and automatically blackball me. So, please don’t do it.


Charles Butler said...

Leave it to Ambrose. What he says was Zapatero telling Spaniards to fa cough took place in Russia in the context of talks on promoting Russian tourism to Spain (great plan!) which he said he was going to 'follar', before correcting that to 'apoyar'.The absolute slime of the journalistic profession.

Colin said...

I wondered how he knew. I guess he doesn't read the Spanish papers. Third or fourth hand, I suppose.