Friday, April 10, 2009

Galicians have always been good at exporting themselves so I wasn’t surprised to read that the two big new cabinet appointments were both from Galicia. As it happens, the first meeting for each of them in their new roles was with the other. Which raises the question of whether they chatted in Spanish or in Gallego.

Which reminds me . . . Both the form for the renewal of my library card and the letter I got this week from El Consumo about my dispute with were only in Gallego. Fine, but I wonder whether things will change now that the Galician Nationalist party no longer has a (disproportionately heavy) hand on the reins of power.

Finally, can I say a big Hello to the 17 Followers to this blog. I understand this is Google’s version of a social network and you are a ‘community’ but I haven’t yet been able to figure out how it all works. And a big thanks, too, to the 66 lovely folk who have an RSS feed via Google Reader from [to?] my blog. Happy Easter to you all. And to all other readers, of course.

But isn’t the number 66 connected with the Devil? Or is that 666? Long way to go, if so.


mike the trike said...

Oh! A new photo of the author has been unveiled hee hee! Nice one Colin!

Colin said...

Thanks, Mike. I deleted the last one by mistake so decided to add one taken last week in the UK by a friend I hadn't seen for 45 years!

mike the trike said...

I have a hospital appointment on Wednesday and the letter giving the details was all in Gallego but my initial talk with the specialist was done in Castellano. Maybe one day it will be in Gallego like the letters so that is going to give them a headache when they hear my Gallego. It must be bad enough when I speak in Castellano. The last time I took my wife to see her specialist he said that I was improving so there is hope yet for me.

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