Saturday, April 18, 2009

One of the features of Spanish life is that no one seems to really trust the national mail service. After eight years of waiting – sometimes vainly – for overdue magazines from the UK, I can certainly sympathise. Not to mention the packages that never did arrive.

The economic news continues to be bad. But not universally so. The (French) Carrefour supermarket company has announced a 10% fall in sales here. I knew I‘d be setting a trend when I decided never again to set foot in any of their stores after the printer saga of a couple of years ago.

And talking of France . . . I don’t know whether Brussels will again fine the French government for not stopping the disruption of their ports this week by various strikers. But I am sure that, if it does, the fines will never be paid. Perhaps they all think this is very funny in Paris and Brussels. Rule of law? What rule of law? Some rules are clearly less rule-ish than others. I believe Spain adopts much the same approach. And why not? If it’s good enough for the core members who wrote the bloody rules, why not for everyone?

Someone arrived at this blog yesterday after googling lesbians in Galicia, where do they go? Not to Pontevedra, I’d hazard a guess.

En passant, it may or may not be the right time to consider Spanish property again. Especially as the pound is creeping towards the rate of 1.25 to the euro on which I think I‘ve staked a bet. But remember, everything’s cheaper in Galicia, where the summers are glorious and the countryside magnificent.

I’ve finally corrected the malfunctioning links on my Galicia web page. So, if anyone wants to see pictures of dove chicks developing or of the Medieval Fair fiestas of 2006 and 2007 in Ponters, click here, here and/or here.


CafeMark said...

**everything’s cheaper in Galicia, where the summers are glorious and the countryside magnificent.**

Naughty, naughty! Shouldn't you mention there's the chance of the odd spot of rain from time to time??

Colin Davies said...

Hola, Mark. If I got this right, I hope you are convalescing well.

As for the rain . . . well, I think the (deliberate) inference is pretty clear. Plus, of course, there’s all the stuff on my web page and in the link on my blog. If anyone buys here without bumping into any of this when they’re doing their research, they’ve only got themselves to blame, I feel. :-)

Ferrolano said...

I can certainly sympathize about the (or lack of) Spanish mail service. Just before flying back to Galicia for a 10 day Easter break, I arranged with my son in Scotland to send by registered post an important document. He had been assured by the UK post office that including the weekend the delivery time would be just 4 days. Needless to say, the 10 days went but the post did not come. Enquiring at the local post office as to possible whereabouts and why the 250 percent delay, I could only establish “Estas fechas” as the reason. It does seem that when Spain goes on holiday, the whole world joins in.

By the way, I did ultimately get the document thanks to good friends in Ferrol and the use of a “rested” Spanish postal service!