Saturday, May 23, 2009

On Thursday my car engine blew up.

Last night - just after I'd posted my blog - my newish laptop died on me. And it still shows no signs of life today.

I've added these to a list which includes a malfunctioning boiler, a dead water heater and a water pump down a 50 metre well which blows all the house fuses when you switch it on.

My suspicion is this is Fate taking revenge on me for the hubris of saying I knew how to get things done in Spain.

Anyway, I'm a little dispirited. My younger daughter arrives at Oporto airport early tomorrow morning. Right now, this is all that's standing between me and suicide.

Hey ho.


mike the trike said...

Colin - No it's not fate. It's like when you buy a new house and everything in it is new. Then after a few years the boiler blows up, the vacuum cleaner fails, the washing machine starts leaking, the hobs on the gas stove are starting to fail to light properly and the toaster starts burning the toast on one side. Your lovely neigbours next door sell up and move and in come the neighbours from hell. Yes all part of life.

ANA said...

Sorry to hear you're having one of those awful moments where it all seems to be falling around your ears. Remember it isn't always like this although I know that's easier for me to say. Spain often throws unexpected solutions and I hope you get your things mended soon.

ANA said...

Sorry, easy for me to say.

Brendan said...

Not sure whether your foraging for sympathy or canvassing? Besides, what else could go wrong.....!

What did you think of the Taj Mahal?

Colin said...

Canvassing? Para que?

I thought the TM was better than the previous times I've been there but maybe this was just because it was a good lunch.

What else could go wrong?? How about the 4th traffic fine in 12 months, after 44 years without any . . . .