Friday, June 19, 2009

I see that Iran’s Supreme Leader has labelled the British government evil and treacherous. Hard as it may be to credit, this is essentially because all Iranians have believed for close on a hundred years now that perfidious Albion keeps a tight control on all global affairs. Even harder to take for Americans will be their subordinate view that our cousins are nothing but dupes of the British. Flattering but, of course, ridiculous. That said, it might well take another hundred years to rid the Iranians of this delusion.

Closer to home, here at last is the photo of the bus-stop down at the roundabout. Enjoy . . .

We may not have double-decker buses but double-decker bus-stops we do have!

And here is the engraving on the plate glass at one end . . .

Just down the road from this is the rather lovely restored old stone house which houses the Poio tourist office.

And here are three pix of what someone thinks is a suitable extension at the back of it . . .

I apologise if this is three too many.

The good news is that, in our climate, it won't be long before some sort of foliage climbs up the chicken wire and obscures the place.

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