Thursday, September 17, 2009

The George Borrow Society this morning has the pleasure of a private guided tour of the Unamuno museum in here in Salamanca. It was no great surprise to find he had copies of Borrow’s works in English on his library shelves. But I was rather taken aback to see there a tome entitled “Spanish Grammar”. However the highlight of the morning was the gentlemen who began translating the speech of the Society’s President from English into English. And, once the good-natured laughter had died down – proceeded to do it again. I felt it would have been worthy of a sketch by Monty Python but wouldn’t go so far as a fellow member’s comment that it would be particularly amusing if the speaker were American and the translator British.

Walking Salamanca’s pavements (sidewalks!) is as much a joy as ever but crossing the roads is the same nightmare it is in most Spanish cities at the moment, as the government tries to stimulate a more-than-flagging economy via a raft of public works.

And, on this subject, for those of a sound constitution, here and here are Edward Hugh’s latest commentaries on said economy. Yesterday’s El País returned to its attack on the Spanish President, Señor Zapatero, for his mismanagement of the country during both the good times and the bad times. They must be seriously worried he’s going to lose the Left the next election; for the inevitable conclusion is the paper – and the media empire behind it – is trying to provoke a palace coup.

And talking of palaces, I see that the lovely Letitia is in Salamanca this afternoon. I’m keeping a space in my diary early evening for when she responds to my invitation to a tapa or two at my favourite place. I know she’s a faithful reader. One of the anonymous Followers, in fact.

Finally . . . I’ve managed to access Prospect magazine at last. So here’s the article on public contributions to radio and TV news programs.


moscow said...

Hi Colin,

A palace coup? About time I would say. This ZP guy has become a dangerous liability. Where is Harry Oswald these days?

Diego said...

I was in Vigo last week for one day and saw that after my previous visit five years ago road work in the city center had moved just one street over.

The clerk on one store that i visited, a middle aged woman who was probably the owner, gave me one of those desperation looks when i mentioned the works.
I don´t know how they cope with the noise and dirt all year long for five years. Of course, the workers were cutting granite slabs for the sidewalks in typical Spanish fashion, no safety glasses.

Midnight Golfer said...

Can a politician being accused of "mismanagement" when they're doing it on purpose?

Colin said...

Hi, Moscow. Good to hear from you again.

Interesting to read of the Zapatero fight-back against the Pirsa Group highlighted in today's El Páis and highly commended by El Mundo.

The ship may be going down but it will remain a solidly socialist one as it does. Which rather reminds me of the pictures in the Shackleton expedition I saw here in Cáceres yesterday . . .

Colin said...

Diego, Yes and much the same is true of Salamanca, Valladolid and possibly Cáceres, which I'm currently checking out with my elder daughter.