Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Since the early 60s, the invariable response to the statement that you come from Liverpool has been either “Oh, where the Beatles come from?” or “Great football team!”. The former is agreeable as it’s then possible for a man of my age to get away with claiming to have been on close terms with the Fab Four. The latter, though, is rather disagreeable when you’re not a supporter of Liverpool FC, but of ‘the other’ Premiership team based in the city. Over 40 years I’ve become inured to this exchange in possibly as many countries around the world. So, imagine my shock when the response of a young local taxi driver last week was a blank stare of dis-recognition. Unless it was my strange pronunciation, he seemed to be totally unaware of the existence of the Beatles. And, when I asked him if he followed football at all, he said not and that he preferred American Football. Which isn’t football at all, of course. So, all in all, quite a strange young man. Possibly unique. He certainly will be if he still doesn’t know the Beatles after this week’s latest attempt to make everyone buy every one of their records yet again.

If you feel ready for more on the Spanish economy, here’s an insight into what it is that isn’t happening and why it should be.

And, if you have a mobile phone and are really gullible, here’s a more useful insight for you.


Midnight Golfer said...

I still wonder if I would have saved more money by originally signing up for a plan that didn't charge me for both incoming and outgoing SMS.

Luckily, I have only received one SMS that ever even looked in the least bit interesting to follow through with a response. Perhaps I do learn from my mistakes after all.

I once had a bad experience with clicking on the "Remove Me From This Mail-list" link in a spam email. My inbox never was the same. Because of this I am wary to believe that SMS spam will be any better than email spam, especially if people actually think that any response, even "BAJA" will result in anything other than even MORE texts.

It would be nice if regulation in this area actually ended up working as designed, though. If I were a betting man, I would bet not.

Midnight Golfer said...

Forgot to mention that the one SMS I did get only looked like it actually came from someone I know, but I still didn't respond to it. I just deleted it, and called the person to say, "hi" (just in case,) and waited to see if they brought up the subject of the SMS message on their own.

They didn't.

I think, that even more important than trying to prosecute these types of annoying scams, the much bigger scam of the way the carriers are charging for SMS in the first place needs to be put under the light of scrutiny.

Xoán-Wahn said...

Don't know why people prefer American football over...well, anything. I've grown up with it and frankly, I think rugby is more rugged as you don't have all that padding to protect you. For some reason, my cousins disagree. I think they see the uniforms and automatically assume American football is the tough man's sport.

Ferrolano said...

Xoan Wahn – Many years ago, starting at school and through my early 20s I played and enjoyed rugby and at the time, weighing around 150 lbs and being reasonably fast I did not suffer too many knocks and bruises. But, if instead of having lived in the UK I had been brought up in the US, I don’t know if all that padding would have given me much protection against a 300 lb “battering ram”. Luckily, I’ll never know!

Keefieboy said...

Ah, I took a flight from Liverpool The Beatles Airport this morning. Or was it Ringo Airport. Ah, no, John Lenin, it was.