Saturday, September 05, 2009

Well, the flu didn’t peak yesterday and I didn’t get to go to the medieval fair today with my friends from Vigo. Instead, I stayed at home nursing a throat that turned water into glass shards as it went down. And rescuing a magpie from my chimney.

But the day wasn’t entirely wasted. For I learned that, if you put a microwave-suitable plastic top on a dish of stew and then switch on both the microwave and the convection oven, you get a sort of plastic fondue on top of your stew.

Well, there was going to be something else now but there's a problem of incompatibiity between my laptop and my notebook and the rest of the text is just jibberish on my USB pen.

Not my day.

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mike the trike said...

I found out you can't make popcorn in a plastic container even if it says it is suitable for the microwave. It melts the bottom of the container.