Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Although the hake (merluza) is not, I believe, much valued by the French, here in Spain it’s regarded as the king of fish. Indeed, sometimes in the freezer cabinet of the supermarket there’s little else but hake. I mention this because the EU has announced a reduction in quotas for this fish and one wonders what the reaction will be on the part of Spanish trawlermen

The EU has also announced an intention to introduce a points system for European fishing vessels, aimed at reducing breaches of regulations. The Spanish government is reported to have been one of the early supporters of this development. Which seems to have surprised a few observers. But, anyway, “the administration of the system is still to be decided by the European Commission and each country's experts”. So it will be a while before we know how it affects things.

Meanwhile, close to home here in Galicia, rising unemployment has led to an increase in illegal harvesting of shellfish by los furtivos. And an upturn in violence against those trying to stop them. No points system operating here, I guess. Just the occasional car being tipped into the sea.

Finally . . . Up in Lugo, the police have this week dismantled a prostitution network and arrested 17 people. The interesting aspect is that two of these are members of the Guardia Civíl. One of whom was apparently first identified as being involved in this business a mere fifteen years ago. A case of wheels grinding exceedingly slow, it seems.


Midnight Golfer said...

I wonder if you have to pass 'opposiciones' to get a job counting fishermen's points, and does it pay?

Also, based solely on what gets reported, it would seem that the only prostitution, and narcotics dealers, that get busted nowadays are also employed by the G.C.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to say about last Sunday's demonstration? Among the 50000 to 100000 people, 500 civic associations, main opposition leaders, one minister of the central goverment took part and gave their speechs to the crow and to the media. In what part of the Kingdom of Spain did that happen? What was all this about?

No talk about language these days, Mr Davies?