Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A few months ago, I filled in forms designed to stop me receiving telemarketing calls on my land line and mobile phones. Has it worked? Well, no. And my Spanish friends laugh at my naivety for believing it ever would. Indeed, the cynics among them think the whole process was a set-up designed to collect data that could be sold to the likes of Telefónica and Orange. I prefer to think not and remain confident it’s merely a question of a delay in getting the system operative.

In line with my comments yesterday, the Ministress of Health has announced that Spain will use its Presidency of the EU during the first half of next year to introduce a complete ban on smoking in public places here. I wonder if this will be slow getting off the ground as well. Quite possibly. But better late than never.

A brief fashion note . . . During the final bout of summer sun last week, the shorts-and-high-heels of the young ladies of Pontevedra gave way to shorts and floppy-legged boots. With the arrival of wind and rain this week, we’re back with tight jeans, ordinary boots and, of course, the more-than-occasional Palestinian scarf.

Some of you may have noticed I’ve changed my profile photo for one taken by my elder daughter in a restaurant down in Trujillo. When I suggested that a truly loving daughter would have ensured it flattered me, she replied that she had. Worse still, she was supported by her sister. What a great job I’ve done as a father.

Apparently, though, my ugliness is of no consequence to the twenty-plus young women on Tagged.com who wish to be a friend of mine. Nor to an older woman of Pontevedra who is 52 but who today has sent me a photo of a scantily dressed young lady. Which was a bit of a surprise as I’d assumed she was the only one of them who wasn’t on the game.

Finally . . .This is the blog of the Spanish gentleman, Miguel Angel Martinmas, who did a such a great job of guiding the George Borrow Society members around the Arapiles battlefield a couple of weeks ago.


Liliana said...

Hi there, Colin!

On the telemarketing calls, I think it hasn't worked because it never does and never will. I've tried to do the same here and I keep receiving them...

In Portugal, it is forbidden to smoke in most of the public places and, honestly, it's easier to breathe.

Despite the rain and the wind, it's rather common seeing people wearing t-shirts and shorts around here, as it's still hot. A few more days and everyone will be wearing raincoats and boots.

I like the new photo! I suppose that, if your 'ugliness', as you call it, has no consequence to the twenty-plus young women, it may be because there's no ugliness, right? (Don't be too unpretentious, ok?)

Ferrolano said...

Colin, perhaps the nice new portrait will attract the young flies of Tagged.Com in their swarms – or maybe more of the mature locals!!

The blog of Sr. Martinmas is more than interesting and from his obvious knowledge of Peninsular Wars your guided tour must have been well worthwhile.

Colin said...

Hi, Liliana

Yes, I'm sure you're right about the calls. I just put the phone down now.

Thanks for your kind comment about the photo. I htink Marilyn Monroe has aged better than me. Yes, I'm sure ugliness makes no difference to women 18-30 who want to me write to them!

Very nice name, by the way.

Colin said...


Yes, he's a bright chap and I'm very much looking forward to a future day on the battlefield under his guidance.

Nothing from Tagged.com so far today! I'm getting worried . . .

rahul said...
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Liliana said...

That's not what I meant... Ungliness matters, whatever they say, but if your ugliness is of no consequence, that's probably because you're not ugly... (Around here they say that too much modesty is as bad as too much presumption. Know what I mean?)

And thank you about the name. :)

Colin said...

Hola again, Liliana

Well, you are very kind.

The truth is it’s neither false modesty nor false immodesty. It’s just typical self-deprecating British humour.

I don’t really think I’m ugly. But nor do I think I am handsome, or even ‘good looking’. I’ve occasionally been told I’m the former (ugly) but never the latter. Not that it’s ever been a problem for me.

But, as you’ve made my day, should you ever venture north to Galicia, I’m happy to offer you my standard guided tour of Pontevedra’s lovely old quarter. Maybe even a drink. My (available-to-all) email is colindavies@terra.es should you want to let me know in advance of a trip. One thing I’d like to do is test the the claim that speakers of Gallego and (Northern?) Portuguese are mutally intelligible. Right now, I'm a tad sceptical on this.

Liliana said...


Thank you so much for your kindness. I go to Galicia every year, in summer. Usually only for two or three days. I've been to Vigo, Lugo, Sanxenxo and Santiago in the past years. Maybe next year I'll visit Pontevedra. If so, I'll get in touch! :)

Yes, there's a Northern Portuguese, but it's not much different from the Southern. It's just a matter of accent. Our "dialect", so to speak, is closer to Gallego, as they used to be one single language a few centuries ago. Apart from some vocabulay which is not common to both languages, Galicians and Northern Portuguese people are mutually intelligible. That's a fact. Have a nice weekend!

Colin said...


Thanks for your (informed) comment on galego/portuguese.

Pues, ata loguiño.

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