Thursday, October 15, 2009

I see that someone is claiming Christopher Columbus was born in Aragón. And this in the same week as our celebrated local author (Alfonso Philippot Abeledo) was giving a lecture on his origins right here in the parish of Poio, where his ship, La Gallega, was built. Only to be later re-named the Santa Maria. The conclusion of the American researcher was based on an analysis of CC’s allegedly poor Spanish. But everyone knows that the marginal notes on his document were not in this language but in Gallego. What tosh some people speak at times.

More bad news for the Spanish economy – British tourists are, it seems, failing to return. But how can this be a surprise? A good menu del dia meal for 8 quid was a bargain but it’s not at 12. Or even 13, the way things are going. Despite continuing deflation here in Spain.

And more bad news for the Spanish consumer. Or at least for those who have a mortgage on their principal residence. The government says it'll be cancelling mortgage relief from 2011 - a move some say will add more than 20,000 euros to the cost of a new property. And this at a time when there’ll still be hundreds of thousands of unsold places on the market. Though quite possibly mostly in locations along the coast where nobody wants to buy them at any price.

As for the UK . . . Here and here are two trenchant commentaries on how things are there, in the Age of the Bureaucrat, the Celebrity and the Self-confessed Ignoramus. Probably a bit exaggerated, of course.

Back in Spain . . . I’ve mentioned a few times in the last few months a rowdy group of young adults who’ve regularly made it impossible to hear oneself think in my favourite wi-fi café, especially the woman who thinks it necessary to scream whenever she opens her mouth. I’d speculated they were funcionarios from the nearby town-hall taking their statutory hour-long morning break. But I realised today they haven’t been seen (or heard!) since the start of the winter term. So teachers, then. Great example.

Finally . . . The Word of the Decade: Scend. No, not a misprint – though it can also be written as send – but a word meaning “The carrying or driving influence of the sea”. And talking of words . . . I will take great pleasure in telling all my Galician friends at dinner tomorrow night that I read this phrase today in the book I cited yesterday:- Al llegar a la Puerta del Sol, me topé con una manifestación contra del nuevo Estatut.

Comments Note: I can’t recall ever moderating comments to this blog but there’ve been three spam comments in the last two days and, if this continues, I will have to resort to this boring chore. Especially as designating them spam has resulted in Google treating my own replies to comments as spam. My apologies in advance.


Midnight Golfer said...

As a self-confessed ignoramus, I can barely tolerate the 'reality-TV' culture and the burden of bureaucracy grinds on my soul, and I hereby publicly denounce both. (Except MXC, which is for me what New-Age-Astrology is for others.)

Sorry to hear about your spam problems.

CafeMark said...

Sounds like you live in an expensive part of Spain! Even in Madrid you can still find out a Menu for 7 or 8 Euros (and I understand you can now get crisis-menus for just 3.50). A small glass of beer or wine with a free tapa can be had for as little as 80 cents (Museo del Jamon). However these are optional luxuries (and like anywhere you can pay as much as you really wish). How much is the single fare on the Madrid Metro. Around 1 Euro. On the Tube it's £4 !!! Okay, so season tickets will narrow the gap, but even at pound parity England can still be very expensive for the necesities. It's just that the pound is no longer to be overvalued as in previous years. We probably won't see 1.40 Euros to the pound again, my guess is the value will fluctuate between 1.05 and 1.20. Having said that, it's just a guess. No reason at all why the money markets should follow logic in the short term.

Midnight Golfer said...

I just got back from Lidl, and made a dish of their new Mexican Rice. I'm in heaven! And just a Euro!
I just had to share it with someone, (figuratively.)

There are just some things that Lidl provides that keep me happy: Breakfast cereal, pickles, and if they would stock bagels, I just don't know...

And what I meant by astrology; the disclaimer that it is solely for entertainment purposes.

Colin said...

Well, I was using what I thought would be a good national average for a menú. You can still find them for 7 or 8 euros even in Pontevedra but not many. The normal range is 10-12 and the occasional survey suggests even higher prices elsewhere. But, for a fee, I can tell you of local churrasquerias which give you a plate of ribs for 7 euros and then offer you more when you've finished.

Midnight Golfer said...


And like clockwork, my country of origin produces an entire, shameless family that used fame and ignorance to fool the media and law enforcement into wasting who-knows-how-much on paying attention to them.

(I'm referring to the kid "in" the balloon.)

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