Friday, October 02, 2009

In their relentless quest to have a good party every weekend from, well, January 1 to December 31, the good burghers of Pontevedra have initiated a new one in mid September. The lacuna was in the area of fiestas gastronomicas so it was inevitable, I guess, we'd henceforth have a seafood festival at this time of year. Just a couple of weeks after the Medieval Fair, inaugurated only ten years ago but now huge. We may be in the midst of a recession - possibly even a depression - but life must go on. At least until north European taxpayers stop sending us solidarity subventions.

A few weeks ago, I received a circular from my gas supplier, saying they were sending someone to inspect my installation in September. I wasn't in when these people called and, since the note they left didn't acutally have the number they referred to, I sent them an email saying I'd be in Extremadura on the back-up date and asking for a visit at the end of the month. They replied they couldn't possibly arrange a visit to suit me and that they'd call anyway. Which they did. Leaving another note, this time telling me they'd issue a report without an inspection. Which should be interesting. "Called but you were out. We have no idea whether you're at risk or not. Be it on your own head"?

Well, I was going to tell you about the four new chapters of Ms Meakin's book I spent two hours re-formatting this morning. But, as they're on my other laptop at home, there'd be no point as I can't post them to my Galicia web page. Tomorrow then.

So, in the absence of this, I refer those of you who haven't yet enjoyed it to the correspondence around my blog of Wednesday, starring the ineffable Mr Cade in one of his many guises. Clicking this should take you straight to it. In case you don't know, Mr Cade is an angry Galician - resident in the UK - who regards anyone who disagrees with him - especially me - as an idiot. And his fellow Galicians as cretins for not sharing his view that Galicia and Gallego should be re-incorporated back into Portugal and Portuguese, respectively. He may or may not be serious. But I was tickled by reader Moscow's suggestion today that he's really Sacha Baron Cohen in his new persona. Enjoy!

Finally, I was interested to read this evening that the new term for Multiple Personality Disorder is Dissociative Identity Disorder. Or DID. Quite a coincidence.

So, tune in again later for what Cade DID next.


mike the trike said...

A great entertaining blog today and I guess Cade has gone off to have a break after such a hectic day. That character rusty pin was good entertainment, shame he's on his way home as he was breaking up the tension and adding a bit of humour. Active antenna the teenager - good observation on his part considering he is probably only thirteen.

Keefieboy said...

Nothing about Pontevedra's 2020 Olympic bid, Colin? I'm surprised.

Anonymous said...

Mr Davies, you poor chap, you think you are in control just because you are sitting alone in front of your computer tapping away, but believe me, you are not. It’s been a long time since you lost the plot.

First of all, let’s make clear that I will never consider anyone who disagrees with me an idiot. I don’t even consider my fellow Galicians as cretins for not agreeing with my views. There are many more important reasons to be a cretin. I don’t even think Galiza and Galician should be re-incorporated back in Portugal. Basically, because anything that never had the chance to be part of something could hardly be “re-incorporated”. Again, you talking through the wrong end. Get your facts right first.

To make things clear to your readership, the point I was making, since comment number one in your Wednesday post, was your unhappy allusion at a connection old Galician kingdom – Galician nationalists – old Roman Lusitania province. You have not yet succeeded at proving the minimum evidence to that connection, despite my insistence, despite your diverting manoeuvres. You were accusing me all along of not understanding your comments, and after all this fray you come up eventually with what was my initial reading. Isn’t that the mark of an idiot? Wasting my time, his own time?

Now you go to even more idiotic lengths by mentioning me in tonight’s post, as if you wanted to rally support against a poor demented chap who is insulting your readership! Does it look like I care?!

You are making an idiot of himself, mr Davies, for making smearing remarks towards a group of people who, awful sin!, just want to keep true to their ancestors legacy. That is your line. We know you happen to be on the victors side. But that doesn’t exempt you from being an idiot.

Prove your claim, Mr Davies, I’ll keep reminding you: where is that connection? Names, places, please. Be concrete. It is only too easy to talk through the wrong end of one’s ducts.

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