Thursday, October 08, 2009

Well, I’ve received the promised ‘brief report’ from my gas supplier (Repsol), after their two visits to check my set-up when they knew I was out of the house and their refusal to even consider a time convenient to me. This amounts to a statement that they’re now going to report me to the Galician government, so that it can decide whether or not to cut off my gas. And they point out that, should there be an explosion, my insurance company will not cough up a red bean. Finally, they offer me a phone number to call to arrange a special visit, doubtless at considerable cost to me. Sadly, this passes for customer service in Spain. One of the things that has not noticeably improved during my nine years here. Or am I being too harsh?

Talking of the Galician government . . . The world may be crumbling around us but the really important subject of the moment here is not how much the Galician PP party has been involved in the national corruption imbroglio, but whether it should be La Coruña or A Coruña on our maps and road signs. As I’m wont to say . . . God help us.

But it’s not all bad news. Tomorrow – Thursday – one of my candidate plumbers is coming to talk about replacing my boiler. And at the exact time of 10.30! One of the items for discussion is why his quote is 10% above that for my neighbour for the same thing only six months ago. My guess it’s the infamous ‘foreigners’ tax’. But we will see.

Meanwhile, a hearty welcome to the five or six new Followers of the last few days, especially my friend Dwight. Hits to this blog are now averaging more than 200 a day, which is more than gratifying. Even if many of these are a reflection of interest in the rantings of reader Cade. I’m not proud.

Of course, this welcome doesn’t apply if you were the person who arrived last night searching for ‘animal brothels in Spain’. I do draw the line somewhere.


Midnight Golfer said...

You are not being even half as harsh as the customer service, or lack thereof, deserves. I've just about had enough, and I'm still just renting here.

Also, the bad customer service seems to be rubbing off on non-Spanish companies that do business here.

The VIP-Hotspot company that I'm using as my ISP is starting to give me a headache. I was really hoping I wasn't going to find their fatal flaw, at least not for a year or so, but they are trying to tell me that a bandwidth cap of 3GB a month is reasonable.
Having gotten used to Comcast's 250 GB a month cap, this is laughably puny, if it wasn't so sad that they have been the best so far in providing customer service that I've found in Spain.
Let's just say you were to have a 6Mbs connection, which is relatively fast, even in Europe, speaking on average... If you actually put your 6 megabits per second connection to use, it would only take about an hour to reach your 3 Gigabyte limit on bandwidth.

¡¡ A single hour for the entire month !!
That would be like only getting full usage of the connection you've paid for,
during a mere 2 minutes a day!
After that, no more VPN connection to work, no more podcasts, no more iTunes TV shows, even if you've already paid for a whole season's worth of episodes, no more streaming radio, no more YouTube, no more email, no more offsite backup, and worst of all no more RSS feeds and no more Thoughts from Galicia.

2 minutes a day.

I am very dismayed.

Colin Davies said...

MG, This is very bad news. And quite a surprise, given how positive you were about them at the outset.

I'm currently struggling with the question of whether I believe Vodaphone´s claim I will get 2-3Mb of the 10 offered in their replace-you-telefonica-line option. Costing about 35 euros month.

Anonymous said...

Mr Colin gentleman I reading many days your blog. Much excitement and gas make trouble now. I using telefonica much money for internet.

Midnight Golfer said...

I still think they have provided the best customer service I've found among these types of companies in Spain, which is why it stings so much that they are pushing the issue of bandwidth caps.

It's like a friend that betrays you does way more damage than an enemy who commits the same act.

You will very likely get the same speed with Vodafone as you did with any other DSL carrier. 10 megs is quite fast, if in fact it ever reaches a sustained 10Mbps. 3 is still pretty good, if it is constant, and perhaps even worth 35 €


Colin Davies said...

Thanks, MG