Monday, December 07, 2009

For those interested in British politics, here’s a pretty balanced article written by a left-of-centre journalist about the intentions of the next (right-of-centre) government. It’s interesting – and encouraging – that David Cameron is promising a post-bureaucratic government. If they will allow him, I assume.

Which reminds me . . . Here’s a jaundiced view of recent EU developments from our friend, Ambrose Evans Pritchard. It did rather leave me with the question of whether the EU superstate could ever be labelled of the people, for the people and by the people. I rather think not. Perhaps one out of three. Possibly.

For those who like their politics even more international, here’s a fascinating take on the issue of sovereignty. It’s by a close friend of mine – Alfred B Mittington - who’s an expert on the ancient world. This article takes a contemporary view of an age-old issue and, along the way, addresses the Gibraltar-Ceuta-Melilla dilemma recently touched on here. Alfred assures me he’s interested in all comments, even from the ineffable Mr Cade. So, for this subject only, I will lift my embargo on the latter and allow him free rein. I would ask him to at least be civil but it’s become crystally clear this is a concept around which he can’t get his angry head.

Can anyone tell me why it takes more than 16,000 people to fly to Copenhagen for a conference on global warming?

I see the Daily Telegraph's Madrid correspondent has finally caught up with the Great Galician Corpse Snatch story I reported on a while back. The quick and the dead.

Finally . . . I wasn’t too surprised to read reports of floods in today’s local papers. But I was a bit more taken aback to see – for the first time in nine years – that I had mushrooms sprouting from my lawn. Eloquent testament to our recent weather, I suppose. But, hey, the FT has just discovered Galicia (Would you believe the "Costa del Soul"?). So perhaps I won’t have to wait for the arrival of northern-bound, pugnaciously parched Andalucians to sell my house in the hills. Apply here


Sierra said...

"...there is rain but it is not as wet as on the coast...”

Presumably not written this week

Lenox said...

Well, it's blue sky, warm days and cool nights down here in Andalucía. I had to water the garden this afternoon. At least I don't have to mow the lawn :)

Midnight Golfer said...

You look at all the doubt surrounding who Tariq really was, and it reminds you of the controversies about Christopher Columbus. How could there still be so much doubt about who these people were, as they were the very embodiments of two paradigm-shifting moments in the history of man.

Perhaps Gibraltar should really go back to Syria, as Tariq, wherever and whoever he was, was working for Damascus at the time it was founded.

Anonymous said...

Mr davies, I think I am going to make a pass on your invitation, at least until you stop banning my (very civil) comments on that issue that annoys you so much but still you can’t help it from drivelling about. You keep insisting on the Galician issue because of my claims at your ignorance and biased sophistry, yet you won’t allow my right to reply. Moreover, nobody seems really interested on the issue, apart from me, and then you (and only you) are reading my comments, so you know on what grounds my claims to your sophistry and partisanship stand.

And by the way, mr davies, will you stop projecting in others your own feelings? It wasn’t me the angry twat who threatened with calling his (jew) friends living (or so “he” thinks) nearby someone else to settle a ideological disagreement.

Ferrolano said...

Hummm, an interesting article and I wonder how the High Street banks and the likes of Telefonica will find such a nice get out of jail card as that previously given in the Magna Carta; "Merchants should be free from "evil tolls"

Phoenicians Go Home – what a wonderful article. I’m going to send it to a Gallego friend living in Ceuta to gauge his reaction. Although from previous discussions, he is there doing a job and has no particular desires that Spain should keep the place.

And as for 16,000 people flying to Copenhagen, they should have taken hot air balloons as there will be enough spouted to power numerous round the world trips!

Colin Davies said...

Sophistry, Mr Cade. Pure sophistry. Which fools no one.

Firstly, it was Alfred's invitation, not mine.

Secondly, you clearly lack the intellect to answer his points so it's no great surprise that you don't want to answer.

Thirdly, you have now blown your final chance to post comments to this blog. So, if you change your mind, please write direct to my email address and I will send on your message.

With luck - especially for me - Alfred will answer you directly.

Finally, please don't send more messages to this blog. As you say, I am the only one to read them and I have nil interest in your views. Whether on Galicia or anything else.

Live with it.

Adiós, amigo.