Friday, March 12, 2010

Just More Mad Parking

OK, these are the final fotos of illegally parked cars, taken this morning. They either add permutations or provide examples of instances cited yesterday.

Here's a variation of the yellow line offence - parking at an angle so the traffic is forced to drive round you.

And here's an example of a car being blocked in, in a car park.

And here are a couple of examples of the blocked-garage example. In the first case, the driver has had the decency to stay in the car. But not in the second.

Truth to tell, I don't really care - and am rarely angered by - illegal parking. I even quite enjoy the fact that every road in Spain is reduced to a single lane slalom challenge by it. What does annoy me, though, are the drivers who park so inconsiderately that they deprive others of a spot in a city in which it's always hard to find one. As here:-

And here:-

And here:-


But what really gets my goat are the inconsiderate bastards (appropriately "goats" in Spanish) who occupy the entire pavement while they wait for the school bus every day, forcing me to walk into the road. They could, like me, legally park a couple of hundred meters up the road. But this is clearly too much to ask.

But, hey, live and let live. There but for the grace of God go I. Life's but a chequerboard of nights and days. Etc.


MikeT said...

I am entirely in accord, but you realize that you are expressing "Anglo-Saxon" notions rather than Spanish ones.

Colin said...

Thinking of how my actions impinge on others, youe mean?

MikeT said...

Yes, unfortunately.