Thursday, May 27, 2010

Well, it was dry for 98% of today's walk. Except for lunch, of course. From my house in the hills, we marched downhill for 6km to said lunch and then 6km uphill back to the house. Which was very probably the wrong way round. Not much to do with the real camino but good training for the real thing starting this weekend.

Meanwhile, I see things have got so desperate here in Galicia that the Justice Department has written to its civil service employees asking them to try to turn up at the office at the right time, to work the hours they’re paid for and to stop being absent so often.Maybe things legal will now get a little swifter. And maybe not.

And the Traffic Ministry has introduced the changes to the speeding laws which the Automobile Association has described as little to do with safety and a lot to do with revenue collection. And possibly illegal. Can’t be long now before I get my fourth fine in two years.

Hey ho.

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