Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This is another extra post. The real one will be along tonight.

If you follow the comments to this blog, you’ll know that reader Moscow and I have recently exchanged views on efficiency in Spain and the UK.

This got me thinking about trying to open this up to something more scientific. After all, a market research sample of one is, as they say, useless. And doubling this ain’t much better.

So . . . How about we all try to concentrate on Spain and produce two lists. One of everything which anyone thinks operates efficiently here and one of everything which anyone thinks operates inefficiently. It won’t really be very much more scientific, of course, but at least it’ll be interesting. And maybe the collating of subjective views will produce something at least half objective.

The last thing I want this to end up as is a list of moans about Spain. I really would like people to balance negatives with positives. If you live here, it stands to reason that you have some of the latter.

I will post my lists tomorrow.

If you want to widen this to Positives and Negatives, then feel free to do so but the primary interest is in the issue of efficiency.

You can write either as a comment to this blog or to this email address. Click or C&P.

Some indication of where you live would allow us to take a stab at concluding how things differ around the country.

If you’re reading this, Ben, it would be interesting to know how Asturias compares with what you are used to in Madrid.

I emphasise that this is an exercise – open to all – about Spain per se. Not about how Spain compares with the UK nor how the UK compares with Spain.

Over to you. Though admittedly not with any great optimism.

Prove me wrong.


CafeMark said...

I thought about this and then realised I couldn't think of a single positive point about "UK efficiency". Don't get me wrong I love many things about the place - its rivers, countryside, parks etc., but things do seem to drag in day-to-day life. Ah, now I think of something - collection of fines for speeding, parking etc. Although, according to this blog they're catching up fast in Galicia too. Enforcement of illegal building is probably more efficient in the UK too, although I've never had to cope with this myself.

Midnight Golfer said...

I can't compare, but it does seem that recently there really has been a massive increase in the efficiency of enforcement of parking and minor traffic violations down here.

I wonder if drug runners are more efficient in Spain?