Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I think I mentioned that the house next door was sold a month or so ago. Since when it’s been (noisily) stripped, refurbished and redecorated. The new owners and their kids put in an appearance today, with the latter taking the opportunity to lob several pieces of rotting fruit over the fence into my garden. Which is a promising start.

But, anyway, time is still at a premium. So I’ll leave you with an interesting article on how to deal with banks that are too big to fail.


Rudy Vinyl said...

I personally think that you should check your link to the amusing (article) on meat prodution 
If every one gets the TIMES ON LINE article on ( boys age 11 escape custody..........).that I got 3 times,  they will not be amused. 
A total mistake by not fault of yours I'm sure.
Please correct me if I'm wrong .

Rudy Vinyl said...

The link now takes me to" THE TIMES " newspaper video of ( footage of Jeffry Bacon? Walking before the atack),
something is definitely wrong!

Colin said...

Well, it was my fault actually. I forgot that The Times won't let anyone read their stuff unless they have a subscription.

Sorry about that. I've now deleted the citation.

Ashleigh said...

Yikes! Hope it doesn't continue...Kids like that give families a bad name...

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