Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Of cafés and wi-fi and things. One of those days . . .

09.00: Switch on laptop in a café in the north of the city. Await waitress. Waitress arrives and takes my order for coffee. Struggle with connection for several minutes. Switch off and on.
09.10: Go to the bar to seek the security code in case this is the problem. Waitress now tells me the wi-fi isn’t working.
09.15: Pay for pointless coffee and go in search of alternative wi-fi café.
09.25: Find one and take the precaution of asking whether the wi-fi is working. Receive the answer that it is. Order a bottle of water.
09.30: Decide the wi-fi isn’t working and mention this to the waitress. “Funny, “she says. “It was working yesterday.”
09.31: Reflect on the fact that no one has said “Sorry” so far this morning. Or anything remotely resembling it.
10.00: Arrive at house in the hills to await delivery of washing machine promised for “first thing”.
13.00: Call Carrefour to ask where it is. “Funny”, they say. “It should have been there first thing”.
13.30: Get message to say the truck is not far away and should be there by two o’clock.
15.00: Call man on truck, who says they’ll be there immediately
16.00: Truck finally arrives. Washing machine successfully installed.
17.30: Go to the station to await friend arriving from Santiago by train and finally find a wi-fi connection that’s working.
19.00: Friend calls to say he got the bus from Santiago and is now waiting outside my house.
20.00: Go to dinner with friend, who asks why the Spanish around him are as noisy as he and his colleagues in Ireland need many drinks to achieve.
20.01: Admit that I have no explanation for this. Or, indeed, for anything that’s happened today.

Other than ‘Spain is different’, of course.

23.55: Worse for wear, write and post pathetic blog and go to bed.


Midnight Golfer said...

Today, I've just been blaming everything on sunspots.

Ferrolano said...

Ummmm, some days, I have weeks like that and it does make me wonder......, until the paycheck is deposited into the bank!!

As an example, I received an email this morning that essentially asked why I would want to see it working, as surely their word should be good enough. And, would I please understand their situation.

Mike the Traditionalist said...

Well I think I will have a little moan today. Two of my favourite companies sent out their usual bills which I received with great excitement. Telefónica (movistar) who prove once again I am being robbed and Fenosa also under the title of gasNatural who added an extra 20 euros to my estimated bill to pay for their workers double pay for the holiday season. There are a couple of bars that have wifi near me but I don't see any more customers than usual and only in one do I see the same young lady in the morning having her coffee and working on her laptop. I have never seen anyone with a laptop in the other bar so I wonder why they have it. As I pass I can get a signal on my palm to show they have a wifi system.