Saturday, August 21, 2010

Time is tight again. So, here’s the original of an interesting letter to El Pais the other day, on the state of modern Spain. I’ll post a translation tomorrow but, in the meantime, Google may be able to give the drift . . . Hace años que somos uno de los miembros de hecho y de derecho que integran la urdimbre económica, política y social de Europa. La entrada en la "zona euro" fue digna, fuimos cabeza de los países desarrollados, nuestra economía respondía a una solvencia inusitada. También desde hace menos tiempo, paulatinamente homologamos de Europa aquello que comporta mayor presión fiscal, normativa que aparta de lo moral, así como aquello que restringe el compromiso. Sin embargo, no imitamos sus horarios laborales que permiten la conciliación familiar y la igualdad de oportunidades mejorando la calidad de vida del ciudadano, no copiamos la responsabilidad que acrecienta la producción y salvaguarda la economía, ni siquiera reparamos en promover una educación cimentada en el esfuerzo como valor elemental. Por ello, plagiar sesgadamente modelos que en sus países de origen responden a una justificación juiciosa e inteligente es una ladina trampa mortal que somete al pueblo español a un inicuo vasallaje democrático.

My younger daughter some time ago created a Facebook page for my dog, Ryan. Today Facebook told me he’d had found friends using their Friend Finder facility. Which means that he’s a lot cleverer than I thought. Or their claim is a load of codswallop. Probably the latter.

Gerard Brenan is a famous British Hispanicist. If I’d ever known about it, I’d forgotten that there was a dark stain on his life – the treatment of a 15 year old maid whom he impregnated and then abandoned, taking their daughter with him. A new book – “Ciega en Granada” by Antonio Ramos - provides chapter and verse of this maltreatment.


Perry said...

Babelfish gave this translation:

For years we have been one of the members that integrate the economic warp, political and completely social of Europe. The entrance in " zone euro" she was worthy, we were head of the developed countries, our economy responded to an unusual solution. Also for less time, gradually we accredited of Europe what it tolerates fiscal major pressure, normative that separates from the moral, as well as what it restricts the commitment. Nevertheless, we did not imitate its labor schedules that allow to the familiar conciliation and the equality of opportunities improving the quality of life of the citizen, we did not copy the responsibility who increases the production and safeguard the economy, not even we repaired in promoting an education laid the foundations in the effort like elementary value. For this reason, to plagiarize sesgadamente models that in their countries of origin respond to a judicious and intelligent justification is a judeo-spanish mortal trap that puts under the Spanish town to an iniquitous democratic vasallaje.

I read that as "There is no freedom without responsibility." Simply put, the Spanish government and its citizens chose to believe in a never ending gravy train. Yet, nothing stays the same. Eventually, the bailiffs kick in the door and the debtor is stripped.

Spain is no Germany and cannot export itself out of trouble. The rule is, "make what people want to buy". It seems that even some Danes have forgotten that rule.


"Vestas Plunges as Wind-Turbine Maker Cuts Forecasts Blaming Delayed Orders". The company which manufactures the blade illustrated lost almost a quarter of its value in Copenhagen trading after reporting a larger-than-expected loss and cut forecasts. It blames "delayed orders."

Vestas "blame" their poor performance (losses) on the delays in orders from the US, Spain and Germany. Balderdash!!!
Salesmen don't lose orders, they just don't get the orders. You cannot lose what you don't have. What do they not understand? Turbines are so "last year".

I was in sales all my working life. You need three things (tripod) to make a sale. Money. Authority. Need.

With only any two legs of the tripod there is no sale. Example, they may need your product, you will be talking to the decision maker, but if they don't have the money? I am sure you understand the rest of the sales lesson.

Here Vestas have run into the very worst senario. The money is probably there. The decision makers will be involved, but the US, Spain and Germany don't have the need. There's no blame to be apportioned. Vestas products are no longer needed. Their market is vanishing & good riddance.

Actually, people don't buy from need; they buy because they want the item or service on sale. Example, a man with 10 Rolls Royces does not "need" another RR, but if he wants another one (or two or more), he'll buy it (them).

Here endeth the lesson. Read, mark, learn & inwardly digest

Traction Man said...

Gerald Brennan was a 'principled socialist' and member of the Bloomsbury set. Like all good Champagne socialists he proselytised yet carried on living his life like the upper middle-class bohemian he liked to think he was. I enjoyed some of his writing but like all Bloomsburys... I believe he was a hypocrite.