Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yesterday afternoon I foolishly allowed myself to be inveigled by my new (pushy-mum?) neighbour into giving at least one of her three kids an hour of English conversation a week. And we agreed on 5pm today for the first lesson.

This morning an American visitor was asking me about the scope for teaching English in Pontevedra. I advised her it would be relatively easy to find a job in a private academy but that the money was not great. Teaching privately offered more but was bedevilled by the fact Spanish students are hopelessly unreliable.

At 5.50 tonight, my neighbour turned up to explain that her daughter had had a maths exam at school and that she herself had been at lunch with a friend and had forgotten about the class. But that she certainly wasn’t an airhead and that it would never, ever happen again.

You really couldn’t make it up.

And I’d happily bet my life on it happening again.


CafeMark said...

Make a note of all the public holidays (and potential bridges). There again, getting people to turn up for building work on the correct day in the UK can be a problem. People can be difficult...

Ferrolano said...

Colin, if I combine your comments from the past couple of days, we have a situation which points to sub-titles rather than dubbing of movies. People would then perhaps realize that to understand and be understood are the key elements of learning and speaking a foreign language and move in that direction rather than the push to perfect grammar.

Here in Asia, I see a lot of sub-titled movies and TV programs and it does seem to help learning of the foreign language.

BTW, I am surprised that the hour long class was not expected to start at late arrival of student, as if nothing had happened. Failing that, no attendance, no charge.

sally said...

Glad to see that you have the same problem as I have. Many times I have been waiting for a class to arrive and then realise that after 20 minutes or so there not going to. I wouldnt mind just a phone call to tell me, but alas no and this happened as recently as yesterday. I going to get my own back and not be in when my classes arrive and see how they like it!

Rudy Vinyl said...

Made them pay for the leassons in advance with no refound and they will all turn up every time. O Deus dos Cartos " The God of Money " is  most powerfull,  especially here in "Galizia" .
I spell it with a "Z" becouse I like the look of it no other reasson.