Friday, April 15, 2011

Here's your chance to use the info gained last night and answer The Economist's question as to whether or not Spain will be the next EU member to be bailed out. Once you've voted, they'll tell you where the balance lies.

The Economist also takes a look at the candidates to replace Sr Zapatero as the leader of the Socialist party, currently in power but not expected to win next year's general elections. I seem to recall asking readers a few years back how long it would be before Spain would have a female president and who this might be but I don't remember Carme Chacon being nominated. And I think I've mentioned before that I suspect Sr Rubalcaba would not be considered sufficiently telegenic for Anglo-Saxon politics.

Talking of prominent Spanish women . . . A candidate in the imminent local elections on the island of Menorca has been forced to withdraw one of her campaign posters. In this she bared her breasts, above the slogan “Two big arguments”. Interestingly, she sees herself as a feminist. Perhaps only in Spain. Click here for more on this. She is, of course, blonde.

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