Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Off to the municipal tip with my daughter, Hannah, this afternoon. Where there are at least 15 different places to chuck household and garden rubbish for processing in one way or another. As there's no such facility in Pontevedra, one's forced to ask what happens to the stuff there. Other than fly-tipping it in the forest behind my house, of course.

More importantly, I'm told that my favourite cafe-bar in town has closed down during my absence. I wouldn't have thought my custom was critical to them so I'm wondering what the cause can have been,

Something else to have taken place is a change of name for the excellent Qorreo journal. This is now called Iberosphere and you can read their take on sex and the single Spanish lady here.

The OECD tells us the Spanish work harder than the Germans. And everyone in Europe and elsewhere works harder than the Belgians. More data here.

Finally, can I just correct the impression I appear to have given that I'm planning to leave Pontevedra and Spain. It's my second home - the one in the countryside - that I have on the market, not my house on the hillside just across the river from the city.


moscow said...


moscow said...

Yes, but Spain's economy still has a lot of scope for structural reforms, which the US hasn't because it is already a flexible economy. If Mr. ZP would just relax shop opening times, finish up the job on labour reform, fully privatise AENA and the national lottery, and the TVE and the Paradores, and tackle reform of the civil service, things would be on the up very quickly. The economy is already growing but much too slowly, and the bastards at the hedge funds will not wait much longer.