Saturday, April 16, 2011

Today I was one of 30,024 people to attend the Leeds v. Watford soccer match – an experience which left me partially deaf for fifteen minutes or so.

Plans to have a hamburger beforehand were scuppered when we were told at the MacDonalds place near the ground that they'd run out of beef. So I satisfied myself with a 'Large chips' from a nearby food stall. These turned out not to be not a large portion of normally sized chips but a small portion of oversized chips. Or French fries to American readers.

On entering the ground, I was intrigued to see the notice “Smoking is only allowed in designated zones after kick off". These turned out to be outside the stands, near the entrances/exits, and the the question arose – Is smoking therefore permitted everywhere before kick off or nowhere except in these zones and only after kick off?

Anyway, during a less-than-exciting first half, my main interest was in the the activities of the numerous police and stewards around us as they strove, I supposed, to minimise the atavistic tendencies of the supporters of both teams.

I was particularly taken by the sight of two policemen with expensive Nikon cameras taking fotos of members of the crowd meeting some criteria or other. After pondering what these might be for quite a while, I ultimately decided the police weren't in search of thugs but of that most reprehensible of creatures in the UK today – the smoker.

To change the subject rather drastically . . . In need of a new laptop, I have to decide between a Macbook or an Ipad2. So, hampered by inexperience with both of these, I'd really appreciate the views of readers familiar with their respective pros and cons. My thanks in advance.


Diego said...

I am a Windows guy so if those were the only options i´d go for the Macbook. For the Ipad i think you will need a keyboard attached to it if you want to do any serious writing, the touch screen is great but my opinion is that it is uncomfortable for writing.

One question, what computer did you have before? Mac or Windows?. If you were a windows guy you´ll have to get used to the mac´s system and way of doing things, also contrary to popular belief Macs do get screwed up like windows pc´s ,do you have someone that can give you tech support once the time comes? what do your daughters use? will they be able to help you find where things are?

Of course if you were a Mac person i would ask the same questions if you wanted to go to windows, there are big differences between the two and it takes time getting used to them.

Colin said...

Many thanks, Diego. Both of my daughters are MacBook users and proponents. As is one of my sisters. So, I do have some experience of MacBooks and am using one to write this. In some ways I see what they mean but , if there's a Delete button, I can't find it. Just a Back button that deletes whatever you typed last.

So (heavy) family pressure is all in the direction of Apple.

I'm leaning in the direction of the MacBook (because of the typing experience) but am open to persuasion that the touch screen of the iPad (or a separate keyboard) is perfectly OK. Of course, I aim to visit an an Apple shop and test the iPad.

Eugenia said...

Hi Colin - I'm so pleased to find you blogging again! I am a PC user BUT have just bought an Ipad 2 because of its versatility for mobile online needs. I have ordered (it hasn't arrived yet) one with 3g connectivity so will be able to log on anywhere with a mobile signal, without a clumsy dongle arrangement - and am hoping that this will include our house near Monforte... although the roaming data fees could be tricky.

Anyway, its main purpose is for London and surrounds and I was impressed to see a colleague typing away pretty fast on his (Ipad 1) recently, so am hopeful I can write on it easily.


Victor B. said...

An ipad? Is that really a computer? I thought it was only a fancy oversized iphone. Go for the macbook

Colin said...

Thanks, Eugenia.

@ Victor

Thanks to you also. Yes, that's my starting position and I need to be convinced that the iPad is a better option.

Geoff said...

The iPad is not a computer - to get it to work it needs a computer! iPad's are basically , as a previous commentor noted, a jumbo phone & camera with the worlds largest viewfinder.
Forget the expense get a Mac Air 11" :-)

Colin said...

Thanks, Geoff. Will take a look at it. My sister said the same.

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