Monday, April 25, 2011

The weather continues hot here in the UK, while floods caused by torrential rains have devastated parts of Spain. And with the forecast for the next week promising more sun, it looks like being the hottest April on record. Doubtless there'll be hosepipe bans soon.

Needless to say, the richer parts of London (and Madrid, I guess) are bucking the trend of falling property prices. In the borough of Kensington and Chelsea the average price of a detached house is now eight million pounds and rising. This compares with an average for England and Wales of 162,000 pounds and falling.

I don't possess a smart phone, but if I did, I'd be worried it was too bloody smart, given the news that those of Apple and Google have been collecting data on their owners' locations for the last twelve months. That said no one seems to be particularly concerned about this invasion of privacy.

The fashion news appears to be that the mini is out and the maxi is (back) in. My guess is that the young women of Pontevedra will pay as much attention to this as they've done to every other trend in the ten years I've been there.

Which reminds me . . . I did some clothes shopping in Leeds yesterday and, in the process, overheard a French woman tell her husband that the pink shirt he was looking at was “Trop flash!”

Finally . . . I saw the fox again at midday today. I could hardly miss it really, as it was walking down the drive to my daughter's flat as I was walking up. When we were three metres apart, it turned round and casually loped off into the drive of the house opposite. Maybe I'll put something out for it to eat tonight. Like my daughter's cat.


Ferrolano said...

Colin, considering the old ruling of a house loan being three times annual income I can appreciate why the top end of the housing market is increasing and why the other end is falling – and it needs to tumble a lot further. I know that we will never see the ratio of average salary Vs average price seen in our parents times, but the gap does need to become a lot closer.

As a last note, I hope that neither your daughter nor the RSPCA read your blog – leave the poor cat alone!

Colin said...

You'll be pleased to know the cat survived. Last night at least.