Wednesday, April 20, 2011

While the Holy Week processions in Spain are again threatened by rain, here in the UK we're enjoying temperatures said to be higher than those in Athens. The forecasters say it'll be a BBQ weekend over Easter. Which is probably the death knell of the good weather.

The phrase “lost generation” is possibly overused. Abused even. But this article suggests it might well be appropriate in the context of this generation of young people in Spain.

Well, the Spanish government has finally decided to try to do something about prostitution. But not much. As this article reports, they may or may not ban the rather explicit adverts at the back of Spanish newspapers that I've cited from time to time. But nobody should hold their breath, I suspect.

Cuba gets a lot of support from Spain, its ex-colonial master, in Europe. So I wonder what the Spanish government made of Raul Castro's appointment of an 80 year old veteran as his deputy at the head of the communist party. Only days after calling for fresh blood in the top tiers of the regime.

A new niche seems to be emerging in the depressed Spanish real estate market. In desperate need of cash, banks are selling off properties for which they don't actually have the keys and which the buyers must take sight-unseen. Prices will be appropriately lower but there'll naturally be risks. Getting the ex-owner or a tenant out, for one thing.

Finally . . . A BBC newscaster signed off tonight with “Very goodbye”. Which was a first for me.

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