Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Government-initiated Scam??

This is a one-off. Last night's post is below. Tonight's post will be along later.

I'm finding this hard to believe but it seems that by merely accessing the Trafico site and then getting their advice as to whether I have any unpaid fines, I have been automatically subscribed to some bloody premium rate SMS service.

More importantly, does anyone know how to unsubscribe?

The relevant web sites appear to be:-


2. Various (linked?) chat sites, all containing this paragraph . .

El simple acceso a la página web y/o la mera utilización de los servicios ofrecidos através de la misma atribuye la condición de Usuario e implica la aceptaciónplena y sin reservas, de las condiciones incluidas en el presente aviso legal


Diego said...

if you entered your mobile you´re screwed

anyway, at the bottom it says:

El servicio no tiene ningún período de permanencia mínimo vinculado al mismo. Cualquier usuario podrá darse de baja en el momento que desee enviando un sms con la palabra BAJA al 795995

of course read the terms and conditions before doing anything

It is not Trafico´s website by the way

Colin said...

It may not be Trafico but I arrived at it through the site.

And there were no term and conditions to read.

By the time you call your phone company or incur the cost of sending BAJA, they have already sent you at least 5 messages. Good business if they do this to a million people!

Midnight Golfer said...

sadly, transparency never will be the strong suit of anything called "Tráfico" - will always be the major target of hijackers who want to digitally hijack a high-value target.

Now I'm on day shift, I no longer feel like a real MidnightGolfer. Now I live in Madrid, rather than on the edge of a golf course, even less so. It really puts a cramp in my style, and RSS-feed browsing time.

Good to be back, even if just for now.

Midnight Golfer said...

I couldn't get past this page...

In my attempt to get signed up to be notified, now that I'll be driving past a lot more cameras on my daily commute.

It looks like the site itself is broken, or rejecting my browser. I didn't get redirect to the site you mentioned, though. Sorry to not be of any help here.

Colin said...

Thanks, MG

Yes, I got to the scam via, rather than I still don't know exactly how.

Hope life in Madrid suits you.


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