Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Overheard at Liverpool's Lime St. station this afternoon - "This weather's kinda annoying, isn't it?". Well, no it isn't. The sun is still shining gloriously. Yesterday, when my old friend, Mike, and I were walking along the Wallasey seafront and the ferocious wind prevented each of us hearing the other, that was annoying. Blue skies and sunshine are rarely annoying in my book.

Incidentally, the Wallasey seafront was where the 1950 Ealing Comedy, "The Magnet", was filmed. A heart-warming little tale, albeit one that incites smiles rather than laughter.

Nice of the Americans to delay the assassination of Osama Bin  Laden until after The Wedding. And good to see there's now another topic with which to fill the first six or seven pages of the papers.

As some readers will know, five hundred euro notes in Spain are called 'Bin Ladens', essentially because - unless you're a drug dealer, a property deveoper or, of course, a politician - you never see one. I wonder what they'll be called now that the bearded one is dead. Allegedly . . .

Shame about the rain for tonight's clasico between Barcelona and Real Madrid. But no great surprise to see it took Mourinho's team 64 minutes to produce a shot at goal. Nor that they then scored from the rebound from the post. Thankfully, that was about it from them and the better team went through to the final. One wonders whether Manchester United will be able to contain Barca any better.

Finally . . . I've decided that I quite like being called 'love' by everyone I buy anything from on Merseyside. Though I'm still a bit ambivalent about the common Leeds' term of endearment - 'Duck' or 'Ducks'

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