Sunday, May 15, 2011

Several of Spain's regions will shortly hold elections. El Pais's opinion of the campaigns we're currently enduring is that they're 'inane'. I prefer the comment of someone I heard on the radio last night - "These elections are like theatre. Only with piss poor actors."

You'll all know that Spain came second to last in the Eurovision song contest last night. It seems to be generally felt that her entry might have stood a good chance twenty years ago. But I rather like it. And not just because the singer is from Galicia.

I also liked the comment of one critic that "The pidgin English lyrics to most songs seemed to comprise randomly-generated statements fed through a translation website. Pleasant enough but about as memorable as a beige wall."

Thanks to Spain's EU-inspired construction boom, the country is dotted with grandiose public projects - finished and unfinished - which are now the whitest of white elephants. Perhaps the best (worst?) example is the airport in Castellón. This not only has no passengers, it also has no planes. It seems nobody thought to get the relevant licence first.

So, interesting developments in the USA with the French head of the IMF. Of course, the question arises as to whether he ever would have been arrested if the alleged offence had taken place in France. Or Spain, for that matter. My suspicion is that he wouldn't have been.

It's been a while since Edward Hugh gave us his opinion on Spain's economy. But
here he is examining, as he puts it, "why it was that, against all prognoses, and against a colossal amount of anecdotal evidence that the Spanish economy is falling back towards recession, Spanish GDP actually accelerated."

Back in the UK, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has launched a campaign called ‘Fairer Fillings’. This is aimed at encouraging people to consider what they put into their daily sandwich. 'During this week we are asking people to make or buy at least one higher welfare sandwich.' You couldn't make it up. Presumably it helps to justify their existence.

Finally . . . For those interested,
here's more on Slut Walking - a  debate between women of a very different stamp from each other.


Ferrolano said...

Colin, after watching part of the Eurovision vote counting on Saturday night, I mentally determined that if we want to see the true winner, we need to wait for a year. At the start of the program next year, a table should be prepared listing all of the previous year’s songs along with the number of copies sold, this can then be compared with the “voted” result. You never know, the vote may be valid…..

Sierra said...

"grandiose public projects"

Having driven up from the South today, I was thinking there must be a goldmine awaiting somebody who can use the infrastructure - roads and street lighting - of the "parque empresarials" that have been laid down. It appears that every town and village has one of these lying idle with no factories built

Colin said...

But I rather doubt it. Can anyone recall the tune?

ANA said...

I started to read the article in the Guardian but soon after lost the strength to go on, unlike the women debating.

Colin said...

Confession time . . . I didn't get past the first paragraph . . . .

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