Monday, May 09, 2011

Sometimes it's really quite hard to believe that coincidences are just that - a coincidence. Case in point, last Wednesday I was listening to Jelly Roll Morton on Spotify. The next day, my fellow blogger Trevor apSimon referred to him. And on Friday he was mentioned in the novel I read on the train from Madrid to Pontevedra. I wonder what the odds are of three citations in three days.

And that's not all . . . The novel also mentioned the durian fruit, only a day or two after I'd introduced this Asian 'delicacy' it to most of you.

But, anyway, in what is an example of either much needed common sense or rampant lunacy, an appeal court in Murcia has quashed the conviction of a driver who was way above the alcohol limit, on the grounds that his speedy flight from the police was so skilful it was absurd to convict him of being drunk.

One of the improvements to Pontevedra during my four month sabbatical has been the introduction of free wi-fi down in Vegetables Square. Sadly, the registration proved beyond my capabilities today and so I was only able to view the city's promotion of itself. And it'll come as no surprise to anyone living here to hear that the huge investment didn't run to a check of the text by a native speaker. Hence the headline - Visit Pontevedra, you can't miss it. Which presumably should have been Visit Pontevedra, you shouldn't miss it. Likewise, Sleeping in Pontevedra doesn't quite cut it as a section heading.

Finally . . . You'll all want to know, firstly, whether the six year construction project behind my house finally ended during my absence and, secondly, whether any of the houses are now occupied. Well Yes and No are the answers. And I can't see the swimming pool that was featured in the original promotion.

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