Thursday, June 23, 2011

An extra post . . . .

Oh, dear. I seem to have upset Alfie. Here's his letter to me this morning:-

Now you did it! You smeared my good name and reputation. You make me out to be an insensitive monster, me, Alfred B., known for his charity and his mild opinions!

I never said, nor would I even say in jest, that I desired a bullfighter to die. I do not desire anyone to die in a bullfight, man, beast or aficionado! I merely want toreros, matadors, picadors and the rest of the shabby bullies to go out and do something useful with their lives that does not involve bloodshed for fun.

So kindly correct this or face my five lawyers!


Alfred. B. Mittington.

As my own lawyer has advised, I'm offering a sincere public apology for traducing him. And I will be making a large contribution to a charity of my own choice. Honest.

Meanwhile, scroll down for last night's post.

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