Monday, June 27, 2011

I forgot to mention that, while we were dining so well during the night of San Juan/Xoán in Combarro last Thursday, a chap of advanced years appeared with about six large rockets in his hand. With ne'er a care for either us or his fingers (assuming he had any left) he then proceeded to light them, wait for them to fizz for a few seconds and then launch them into the ether. After which he nonchalantly wandered off, while we mentally counted how many crimes he would've committed in the UK.

The other thing I was reminded of by the short drive to Combarro was that I'd written about ugly new buildings in and around Pontevedra. The worst of these – in the modern toilet style – just happen to be on the outskirts of this port. Click here for the fotos.

I'm still fascinated by the Iranian version of news from PressTV. Or, as it should be called, All-the-bad-stuff-we-can-find-about-the-USA.TV And I was stimulated to check out the conference on the prevention of terrorism recently held in Tehran. According to the Tehran Times, the subjects covered included “The roots of terrorism, the roles of international and regional organizations in the campaign against terrorism, and the view of divine religions on terrorism.” It must have been tremendous fun and you can read the end-of-conference press statement here. Though I don't suppose you will. Sadly, there seems to be no definition of 'terrorism'.

Talking of organisations with a poor public image . . . Since it does such a good job itself, how can Ryanair possibly sue someone else for defaming it? Should make for an interesting judgement.

We were down by the community pool yesterday evening, where there was a British family who were staying with a neighbour and whose son had clearly run in one of the weekend's triathlon events. There were eight of us in all, seven Brits and one young Spanish girl of around 19. Everyone was reading but the difference was seven of us were reading a book and the eighth was reading texts on a Blackberry. So a qualitative as well as a quantitative difference.

Incidentally, I'm told that Blackberries (Blackberrys?) are all the rage with the kids of Pontevedra. Not done to be seen without one, apparently. And, as a fashion item, they come in all sorts of colours. Spoilt brats.

Finally . . . If you're a bit confused about evolution or subscribe to the Creationist school, click here for a marvellous strip cartoon. And an interesting set of Comments.


Ferrolano said...

Colin, in spite of you, I have just read the Iranian end of conference press release and I can’t wait for the follow-up conference in Iraq. You did of course notice the listed countries who participated and to suppose, those who did not??

Liked your linked article about new buildings in and around Pontevedra and I am going to have to forward same to a Galician architect friend and get her reaction, especially as she teaches architecture at the local university. I will let you know what comes along.

Sierra said...

Further to your comments last week on "the country's loony EU-driven construction bum (sic)" regarding airports, it appears that railways are included. News today - "non-stop Toledo – Cuenca - Albacete AVE train is to be closed down, found to be carrying an average of just 9 passengers...the line only opened six months ago..."

Hope the Galicia AVE is more successful

Mike the Traditionalist said...

The Tehran "end-of-conference press statement" was probably written by a person from North Korea! Colin does Farsi have an equivalent sound to the English letter "P"?

Colin said...


In Farsi, the letter P and F are indistinguishable.

Hence 'telepon' as the transcription into English.

By the by, the letter U is also used for V.

Care has to be taken in writing the letters, especially the final L or D. Best example ever:- My first name, David, comes from Daud in both Arabic and Farsi. When they were transcribing my name back into English from the Farsi on one side of my driving licence, they struggled with the fact that the writer had written the last D so carelessly it looked like an L. So, faced with the possibilities that the middle letter could be u or V and having no vowels (not shown in Farsi script) the transcriber took a look at D V L and gave me a licence in the name of Devil Colin Davies. Still have it.

Colin said...

Ferrolano, I'll be very interested to hear what she says!

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