Saturday, June 04, 2011

I was on airport duty this afternoon and so had a chance to use the new multi-storey carpark at Vigo airport for the first time. This is remarkable for at least three things:-

1. It doesn't have a passenger drop-off point, unless you arrive by taxi.

2. It has the hardest-to-find exit I've ever experienced. Having driven round one floor three times, I finally had to ask someone where it was. 


3. It cost millions to build but they couldn't afford to pay a native English speaker to translate Situase aquí. And so, as you go through the exit barrier, there's a second one, at which you are told to Place Here. An utterly meaningless phrase, in English, of course. And this at an 'international' airport. I bet the situation is different down at Oporto's magnificent new(ish) facility. In fact, I'd bet my life on it.

But, anyway, anyone got any ideas on the best place in Spain to spend a few of the winter months?


Midnight Golfer said...

Ever notice how we English speakers are never allowed to pay with anything other than "Cash" at the Caja?

Eugenia said...


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