Friday, June 17, 2011

It seems rather ironic to me that the CEO of the new bank resulting from the merger of Galicia's two Caixas (Novacaixagalicia) is called Castellano. I  feel he should at least have been made to change it to Castelano (or even Castelao) as a prerequisite of getting the job.

Still on local matters. . . La Crisis is now hitting our annual fiesta in August. The bullfights in particular. Instead of the usual four, this year we'll be having only three real corridas and one novillada. The latter involves only young (i. e. cheap) bulls. So I might put my own name down for a round or two.

Walking past the Indignantes' (shrinking) camp on our Alameda today, I noticed they have a water standpipe and that electricity is wired into the HQ tent. Wonder who's paying for these.

And still on Galicia . .  . The Xunta is reported to be planning to curb civil servants' phone bills. Wonder why they never did this before. And they're also planning to make teachers (or at least those called maestros) work another four hours a week. It's not yet Greece but things are travelling in the same direction.

Finally on Galicia, I often say that Spain's multitudinous (and very visible) brothels besmirch the country's image. This dreadful news from Lugo will help to explain why. In a word, I refuse to accede to the widespread Spanish male view that these are just places of fun where the girls enjoy what they do.

Well, the 10% price reduction at the new Asian restaurant at the bottom of the hill turned out to be a deceit. They no longer include a drink in the price. And, as all drinks cost more than the 10% reduction, you end up paying more than before it was introduced. Clever, these Chinese.

Incidentally, reader CafeMark. has supplied the ten commandments of Chinese business. I will now check them to see what, if anything, is said about price reductions.

And reader Sierra has supplied evidence that hearse racing certainly does take place. In the USA of course.

This allows me to end with the old joke about the hearse that lost its load as it was going up a steep hill and the back door opened. The contents raced down the slope and crashed through the window of a pharmacy. As they came to rest, the pharmacist was alarmed to see the lid open and the incumbent sit up and ask "Have you got anything to stop this coughin'."

Thank-you and goodnight.


Lenox said...

I went to Almería airport to pick up some friends yesterday and decided, since kilometres are so short when you have a fast car, to change my measurement to brothels.
We are three puticlubs from the airport...

Colin said...


Funnily enough, I did some unusual measuring of distances yesterday. See tonight's blog.


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