Saturday, June 25, 2011

There were actually two deaths during the San Juan/Xoán celebrations in A/La Coruña on Thursday night. The poor chap who fell in the fire and another one who drowned. Both are thought to have over-imbibed. In Pontevedra province more than a dozen people suffered burns so I'm guessing there were around 50 incidents in Galicia as a whole. And who-knows-how-many around Spain. But I doubt there'll be calls for more caution next year. Meanwhile, there's a bit more about the celebrations here.

Here in Pontevedra, we went down to see the European Championships Senior Mens' triathlon race this evening. And I'm pleased to report that the first two places went to Brits. Brothers no less.

Could there be anything funnier than Tehran advertising a conference on the prevention of terrorism? I rather doubt that one of the final recommendations will be that the terrorism-sponsoring government of Iran be ousted.

Talking about politics . . . Here's a eurosceptic take on how the eurozone economic crisis is being used to promote the very political aims that caused the crisis in the first place. As I've implied myself when referring to past mistakes - “Ideological bureaucracies do not admit error: they rush to reinforce it.”

And here's a few fotos:-

The new taxi rank to go with the splendid new bus-stop down at the roundabout. Recession?

The endangered Asian restaurant at the top of the shopping mall by the roundabout.

And, finally, the hydrangeas that the gypsy girl was climbing over my gate to take a closer look at.

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