Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Whenever I meet readers of my blog, they invariably ask me the same question - How is Nice-but-Noisy Tony? Well, there's bad news and very bad news. He's still alive and shouting. And he hasn't been to sea since very early in the year. Worse, he claims not to know when he will go to sea again. So, he may well be out of work. Thus, the 'balance' I once had in my life - six weeks at sea, six weeks at home bawling - has gone from my life. And I am the poorer for it.

We have Nationalist movement here in Galicia. A terrorist movement even. This week the Resistencia Galega set off a bomb in the offices of the right-of-centre PP party in the town of Ordes. Fortunately, no one was injured. But it was a near thing for two workmen who'd walked past the offices a few seconds earlier. Imbeciles. The bombers, of course. Not the workmen.

Which sort of reminds me . . . I walked past a meeting of the Indignantes this evening and numbers were well down on a week or two ago. Can't see the camp lasting much longer.

I do not like shopping at Carrefour. At least, not here in Spain; France may be a different prospect. There are a number of reasons for this but one of the main ones is that, whenever you want to know where something is, there's never anyone to ask. The contrast with Mercadona is astonishing. So, no wonder the latter is gaining market share.

Talking of customer service . . . I've managed to find a site which compares mobile phone operators, at least at a superficial level. Hope it helps someone.

Here's an insight into the murky world of Spanish football.

And here's a nice article on the sexualisation of kids in the UK and the hypocrisy of the tabloid press there. An easy target really.

And here's vital news for those who have to give a speech or take any sort of decision. Which just about covers most of us, I think.

Finally . . .  Do cars regularly drive into the sea along other Spanish coasts? I ask because this is a regular occurrence here in Galicia, the latest incidence being this week in Vigo. Perhaps it's connected with the bizarre local practice of not putting on one's lights, however dark it is.


Midnight Golfer said...

Amen about the Mercadona vs Carrefour attention to their clientele.

I can't say that I ever heard of a car making it into the sea in Malaga, but I personally saw one plow across three lanes of oncoming traffic, and ended up upside down, back on the pavement (mostly) after rebounding off the cliffside. Occurred prior to sunset. I blame it on french-made cars not really being sufficiently engineered for Spanish (nor American) drivers.

Midnight Golfer said...

I found general dehydration to be a significant factor in in making poor decisions. However, I've made some seriously unsafe driving maneuvers my own self, when "Too hydrated" - and I don't mean drunk, but in a rush to pee.

Sierra said...

Mercadona...surprised no mention of the 2 cents a carrier bag "tax". You now have to guess how many bags your shopping will require. Refuse to use the 60 cents reusable ones, as then I will also need to purchase garbage bags. Think this is climbing the "climate change" hate list to rival wind turbines.

Colin said...

!. Haven't experienced this tax yet. Of course, Carrefour have been charging for bags for ages.

2. I always take my large shopping bags, ironically bought at Carrefour in the south of France. So don't need plastic bags.

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