Wednesday, July 06, 2011

For Sky News right now there's really only one item worth reporting on and that's the appalling News of the World imbroglio. This might just be connected with the fact that the owner of this dreadful newspaper is one Rupert Murdoch, who's currently trying to achieve a higher ownership percentage of Sky than the forty he already has.

Which isn't to say the events are not worthy of scrutiny, especially as we now have claims of police corruption. As regular readers will know, I bow to no one in my detestation of both Murdoch and the scabrous British gutter press. That said, the former's Times does now have the best columnists in the country. Perhaps because the Telegraph has slid so much downhill.

Anyway, for those who want to do something to try to stop Murdoch from getting an even stronger stranglehold on the British media, here's one of several relevant sites.

Which reminds me . . . After a long absence, our Ambrose marks his return with an article on the role of the German judiciary in determining future developments with the euro. A couple of samplers:- “The Greeks are being sacrificed for the greater cause. Their reward is to learn from Eurogroup chief Jean-Claude Juncker that Greek sovereignty will be "massively limited". A body overseen by EU officials and modelled on East Germany's Treuhand will liquidate Greece's national assets to cover debts. Suzerainty has begun in earnest.” And “The EU authorities are lost in minutiae, arguing over collateral rules, or floating plans for bond rollovers at effective rates of up to 10%. The sole aim is to buy time for banks to offload liabilities – mostly onto EU taxpayers – and for Spain and Italy to beef up defences.” Click here for more.

Here in Spain, the Development Minister has warned that large public works are at risk unless taxes are raised. He's quoted as adding “An airport with no planes and a train with no passengers is the worst”. Of course, these projects were just as stupid years ago when they were initiated but Spain could pay for this nonsense back then. Or thought it could. And I don't recall many siren voices warning that it couldn't. Apart from mine, of course. Here in Galicia, one of the local papers has featured a cartoon in which a Jew is saying that they've waited thousands of years for the Messiah. To which the Gallego is responding “Ah, yes. But we have the AVE high-speed train”. Funny enough but the depiction of the Jew – with massive hook-nose worthy of Joseph Goebells – should really draw a protest from the Israeli embassy.

Talking of disasters . . . Here's the latest news of the Spanish property market. And here's an article on how this all affects many of the Brits down south.

Following on from the reports of massive deviation of funds by those running Spain's Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAE), we're now told that, here in Galicia, there's been corruption in the building and selling of 'protected properties', meant for the less well-off. I wonder if Spanish readers get as weary of constantly reading of this sort of thing as I do.

Anyway, enough of the present. Here's IberoSphere's interesting take on a bit of Spain's past.

Finally . . . I was going to write about how little had changed in Spain's supermarkets in ten years - and will yet do so. But what do I find when I go into Carrefour today? A bloody 'International' section in the wine aisle! Not huge but I was still able to get a decent French red and a good Australian chardonnay, at reasonable prices. Compared with the UK at least.

Finally, finally . . . I must end with some good news РTelefónica is losing market share. Couldn't happen to a nicer company.

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