Saturday, October 22, 2011

Here in the UK, BT offers wi-fi broadband for 13 pounds (say 15 euros) a month, with the first 4 months free. Back in Spain, the cheapest package from Movistar/Telefónica seems to be just under 41 euros a month, with the first 12 months at just under 25 euros. One wonders why.

More interestingly, perhaps . . . . Tonight I watched on my laptop a TV program that went out last night, in which it was demonstrated it's certainly feasible that Sirhan Sirhan was programmed - through hypnotism - to assassinate Bobby Kennedy and to be unable to recall anything about it. So, one conspiracy theory that might well be true. Sirhan is still in gaol, of course, and continues to deny any recollection of the event.

I was also able to watch a BBC program being streamed at the same time as it was being aired on the TV. Which was just as well as my daughter's TV is on the blink. Despite the new aerial I bought for it yesterday. Which is annoying.

Which reminds me . . . I wonder if, back in Spain, the TV continues to be dominated by the battle of the vapid blondes, Belén Esteban and Rosa Benito. Not that I actually care. Or would recognise either of them if I bumped into her.


Mike the Traditionalist said...

Colin I have Movistar (Telefonica). Land line 19.4144 €
Internet 40.90 €
tax (18%) 10.8566 €
total per month 71.17 €
An absolute bargain wouldn't you agree seeing that I don't use the telephone? Daughter in UK has Virgin cable = tv, internet, telephone = just over £30 per month.

Colin said...

Astonishing. Though not really. No true market, obviously. said...

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