Sunday, October 30, 2011

Note: I posted another Special on the EU earlier today. Scroll down, if interested.

I'm pretty used to seeing young folk on the streets of Pontevedra early Saturday and Sunday mornings, after a night out in the bars and discos of the town. But nothing had prepared me for the sight of a (very) scantily-clad young woman staggering towards her front door at 12.45 today, with her beau guiding her by the elbow. It seems they know how to party in Headingley. This place must be pretty dull during the vacations.

So Jimmy Saville has moved on. He'll be missed in one particular restaurant in Leeds, which he used to patronise almost every night, I think - moving from table to table and chatting to you as if he'd known you all his life. The obituaries were all fulsome, as well they might be, given all he'd achieved. Interesting - and surprising - to read that he had a very high IQ and was a member of Mensa. A clown of genius then.

I mentioned the closure of the Ciudad Real airport last night. Here's Charles Butler with a good take on this.

Sad but not too surprising to read that "British attitudes towards the old are the worst in Europe".

The good news is that - back in Spain - a new measure's been introduced to allow landlords to evict non-paying tenants relatively rapidly. Aimed at improving the rental market, one hopes it'll work better than the last measure with the same objective.

I'm not sure I believe this myself but Terra (Telefónica) appear to have changed their email log-in so as to allow a maximum of only ten letters for your address. And mine is eleven. I regularly complain of a lack of customer orientation in Spain but this takes the biscuit. I've had this address for eleven years and all-of-a-sudden - without any warning - it's inoperative. Luckily, all my Terra messages still come through to my Gmail account, so I don't actually need to log in at Terra. But all the same . . .

Which reminds me, Google tells me that something called Buzz is "going away". This appears to mean "We're ending a crap facility which no one was interested in."

Here's an amusing article which more or less describes me. And perhaps quite a few of you. That said, I think I can do rather more than David Mitchell. But, then, I have lived rather longer. And so it was that I was able today to put back up my daughter's knife rack, using new rawl plugs and matchsticks to fill the over-large holes for the screws. A real achievement in my book.

Finally . . . Here's a nice quote from someone on the TV this morning - It's true that life's not fair. But it's a lot fairer than death.

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