Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sad but perhaps not very surprising to see that Spain's only private airport is to close, after less than three years of operation. This is the Don Quixote airport near Ciudad Real. The place was reported to have been "dogged by bad luck" from the start. Though whether this label really applies when as many as 50% of the building were illegal and had been erected in defiance of environmental regulations is a moot point. And when an investigation by the Bank of Spain into the operation's bank "revealed more irregularities". While it may have been privately owned, one suspects public money went into the doomed project in one way or another. El Mundo today asked "Who's going to pay for this extravagance?". But I can't tell you who the candidates might be, as the paper now charges for its articles.

If you're interested in knowing more about what Spain's Indignados are currently up to, click here. At present, this remains a peaceful movement but I suppose there's always a chance 46% youth unemployment might eventually lead to some sort of unrest.

There are three things I've pontificated on regularly in the years I've been writing this blog:-
1. History will be unkind to Tony Blair,
2. The EU will one day collapse under the weight of its internal contradictions, and
3. Galicia's Mencia red wines are worth taking a look at.
By coincidence, all of these were the subject of articles this week. Here, here and here. Enjoy.

The football pundits all reckoned that the next team to play Manchester United would pay the price of their reaction to last week's hiding by Manchester City. I smiled in agreement at this. Until I saw this morning which team it was. Mine. And the score today was Everton 0 United 1. So, not that bad really. But worse than last year's 3-3 draw. Or tie, as our American cousins say. I think.

Click here for a good retrospective on President Zapatero. And don't forget to read the perspicacious comments.

Finally . . . A Joke currently doing the rounds:-
Wife: (Addressing her husband from the bathroom): Does my bum look big in this?
Husband: Come on, love. It's a very small bathroom.

Well, it's Saturday.

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