Thursday, November 17, 2011

Here's an interesting perspective on recent events from Paul Feldman. Which is all too accurate, I fear. A taster - The financial markets have effectively “bought” capitalist democracy, turned it into a commodity. They demanded and got deregulation from the politicians. And when they went bust, they demanded and got bail-outs. When governments have proved incapable of imposing the debt crisis on their people, an out-and-out takeover is the result in Athens and Rome. So the democratic achievements of past generations in terms of the right to vote and influence course of events through parties committed to reform are negated. There is even less meaning to voting than ever before, as the people of Spain will discover next Sunday.

I've mentioned that a famous judge (Sr. Varela) lives in a nearby development which is illegal and now scheduled for demolition. An even better example of how things can be here is that of notary in a nearby town who's just been found to be using an office which has no Licence of First Occupation. This - as is the experience I'm having with the sale of my rural property - is a useful reminder that notaries are not the safeguard foreigners need when buying property here. There is no substitute for an honest and experienced lawyer. And, yes, I do know one! As I've said before, many (if not most Brits) are persuaded by the estate agent not to use a lawyer and to rely on the notary. This, of course, is pushed for the benefit of the agent, who wants a quick sale for his commission. Since, as an estate agent once told me, "Brits leave their brains on the plane when they come to Spain", too many of them accept the word of the agent. Who won't be around when problems arise later. And if they are, they won't give a proverbial.

I have a signing to go to . . . . so

Finally . . . Here's Business Week's take on Sr. Rajoy.

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An honest lawyer? Where, what, who?

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