Wednesday, November 09, 2011

I have long believed that any man interested in either the mystic or the romantic aspects of life must sooner or later define his attitude concerning Spain. For just as this forbidding peninsula physically juts into the Atlantic and stands isolated, so philosophically the concept of Spain intrudes into the imagination, creating effects and raising questions unlike those evoked by other nations.
                      - The opening sentences of James Michener's Iberia.

P. 784: At lunch the mayor introduced me to an adventure which I could have done without: he plopped before me a plate of the ugliest food that the human being is capable of eating. They were percebes.

Sadly, for my case, he enjoyed eating the the blasted things. 


Ferrolano said...

Colin, This morning when reading your succinct blog of last night I noticed that you had received a comment. Thinking that somebody had probably taken you to task about your unwavering attitude to that most delicious of Spanish plate, percebes (goose neck barnacles), that I just couldn’t wait to see what they had to say. Alas, from the return address given (, I can only assume that they were attracted by your mystic and romantic aspects as expressed in your opening lines. Apologies to JM, it just sort of fell into place.

Perhaps you were recognized at the local Indian curry house where you celebrated your BD last night??

Colin said...

Whoever he is and wherever he lives, the bastard - or his computer - posted that 'comment' 42 times I may have to erect a firewall . . .

Ferrolano said...

From the “” of the address he or his computer is in India and, as they hit on you so many times, I curiously followed the given link and found that the address is a site for Indian men that promotes “Bollywood starlets” – if that is the correct term?

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