Friday, November 04, 2011

Life may be more efficient here in the UK - possibly much more efficient - but what it's like to live here can be construed from things such as:-
- A sign on the train door asking people - "In the interests of hygiene and safety(?) - not to put their feet on the seats.
- An announcement on Leeds station that heavy charges will be brought against people abusing or assaulting the staff.
- A sign on the train itself that reads "Smile. You're on CCTV".
- The fact that, to buy a ticket for the underground train from Liverpool Lime street you have to go through a zig-zag line in a shop and run the gauntlet of dozens of packets of sweets and chocolates strategically situated at child height.

It's hard to imagine being confronted by any of these in Spain. Which is one of the many reasons that I prefer the Spanish culture to that of Britain.

Which reminds me . . . The thing about the UK that disturbs me most is not that pubs and restaurants aren't child-friendly or that old folk are not well cared for. And it's not even that a morning coffee costs twice as much as it does in Spain. It's that I never get a biscuit or a piece of cake with the latter.

I couldn't possibly live here.

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