Saturday, December 31, 2011

I mentioned the other day I'd bought a beard trimmer. When I finally managed to get this out of its packaging and look at the leaflet, I was nonplussed to read that "This trimmer is ideal for total body grooming. The various guide-combs allow you to get that all-over well-groomed look." Total body grooming? Can it really mean that? Can I not acquire that all-over well-groomed look without going to absolute extremes? If not and if I do have to get very serious about the trimming, are we talking daily care and attention?

But, anyway, I have a party at my younger daughter's place to attend. Dressed, I should add, as same daughter. Maybe I'll post a few fotos tomorrow . . .

For now I'll leave you with my very best wishes for 2012. 

Please try to keep reading.

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