Tuesday, December 06, 2011

My Ferrolian friend, Richard, has kindly sent me this link to a short film about Galician fishermen harvesting percebes - or gooseneck barnacles - just outside the coastal town of Cedeira, half an hour north of Ferrol.

Richard and I politely disagree on the gastronomic qualities of these (indisputably ugly) things but I have no difficulty in agreeing with his suggestion that the activity is "probably more dangerous than catching fish in a force nine storm."

But it doesn't make them taste any better.


Ferrolano said...

And I will agree with you that they are ugly, but the taste, wonderful…….. sorry Colin..

Victor B. said...

More dramatic footage in this video from BBC's Human Planet (min. 2.25 - 6.25)
Not sure if they would have gone down there under such conditions if there wasn't a BBC camera around.

Anthea said...

I find myself wondering what all the fuss is about. OK, they don't taste bad. I like just about all mariscos. But are they really so good that people need to risk their lives to get them? I don't think so!

Candide said...

Anthea, people seem to risk their lives to cash in on them. The question is if they get enough money for it. That's their call.

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