Sunday, January 29, 2012

At last! . . . From The Times today:- "A wave of strikes and violent protests has rocked the new government of Mariano Rajoy as Spaniards rebel against the prime minister’s drive for austerity and reform." 

Except this isn't about Spain but Italy and I have changed the names. Still no sign of such unrest in Spain, despite the unemployment rate of 23% being the highest in the developed world.

So, José Mourinho - the "special one" - has had enough of the intrigues that plague the job of Real Madrid coach and will leave at the end of summer and return to England. Where he won't be short of offers. It'll be interesting to hear why he favours England over Italy and Portugal. Maybe it's just the money.

Talking about money . . . The British media is currently obsessed with the income of bankers in general and the bonus of the CEO of the Royal Bank of Scotland in particular. The BBC tells us today that people think he should only get seven hundred thousand to a million pounds a year, at most. Funny thing is, no one seems the slightest concerned that footballers can get twenty-five million pounds a year.

Which reminds me . . . Carlos Tévez is going to be fined another million pounds by his club for his latest offence. This will take the money he's lost to over ten million pounds.

Finally . . . Last night's post somehow went into Drafts - not for the first time - and was only published a few hours ago. Sorry about that.

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