Friday, January 27, 2012

The employment news in Spain continues to be relentlessly bad. The total of unemployed people (i. e. those registered as looking for work) rose to 5.3 million in December, or 23% of the working population. The figure for 16-24 year olds rose from 49% to 51%. One inevitable consequence is that young Spaniards are living in the parental home even longer than before. Which was long enough. It's hardly surprising that the number of people emigrating has also soared.

The Guardian this week featured profiles of European politicians as seen from somewhere other that their own country. Here's Sr. Rajoy, as seen - pretty accurately - from Poland.

Watching an international cricket match this week, I was struck by the thought that this game was a part of British culture which had adhered in many of her ex colonies - India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand and even Ireland. In fact, in some of these the game is far more popular than in Britain. Thinking about other empires that have come and gone, I couldn't come up with anything like a parallel. Of course, it never took hold in North America, possibly because it ceased to be a colony before the game was developed in the UK. Though the Canadians may have a team. The Afghans certainly do and they were never even a colony.

Another conversation between me and my younger daughter:-
The city centre was full of young people.
Students, dad.
But how can they afford to spend time shopping? They should be studying.
Dad, they're having a good time. Just like I did. That's what university is all about.


Ferrolano said...

And Dad, you paid....!!

kraal said...

The news today reports there is a 10% fall in university applications, perhaps dad can no longer pay.

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