Saturday, January 14, 2012

While you could almost certainly spend your entire life in Spain without meeting any corruption, at any one time there's at least one case of 'celebrity' corruption going through the courts. An ex minister or regional president, for example. Right now, though, the high-profile case that takes the biscuit is that of the King's son-in-law, Iñaki Urdangarin, who's accused of diverting public funds into the accounts of private companies he ran. One newspaper at least is asking why the King's daughter, Princess Cristina, hasn't yet been indicted. Which would be an interesting development. Anyway, here's The Guardian with some details of the case.

And here's the always-sensible Simon Jenkins with his take on the Scottish independence issue.

Finally . . . .A conversation with my daughter today:-
Do you know that there's sometimes an awful smell in my bedroom?
Do you know what causes it?
Yes, the guy in the flat below smokes a lot of marijuana.
But isn't that supposed to smell sweet?
You're very green, Dad.


CafeMark said...

You can forget the AVE being completed all the way down to Madrid from Galicia. The occupancy levels for the stretch just completed within Galicia are very poor. The Spanish realise that their efforts to reduce the deficit will not be taken seriously if they continue investment in a line that won't be used by many people (unlike the Valencia, Toledo or Barcelona lines to Madrid). So Galicia will remain "isolated" for many years to come.

kraal said...

The Times last Saturday has an article 'Flower power pensioners determined to go out on a high'. Peace and Love Colin.

Candide said...

Old school should not be synonymous for behind the curve.

You rock, Colin.

Anthea said...

You know, when Cristina married Inaki it seemed like such clever politics. He was from a Basque family and they got married in the cathedral in Barcelona and then became the Duques de Palma de Mallorca. Two troublesome would-be separatist areas pandered to in one fell swoop. And now look at them! Would you believe it? I suppose Inaki Udangarin is just being thoroughly modern.

Candide said...

And now it's all gonna be about whether they split up or get thrown out of palace and/or into jail.

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